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3D Video Tutorial E.1 – Treason The EP

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Anthony (Completed)

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Anthony: On the web searching for album cover designers and you are by far the dopest I've seen everything else is so damn cheesy and corny. So I'm sure you come with big price tag. I know you probably hear this a lot...

Blood Money

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Arslan's Blood Capture it 2 PaintCans Mardian Demo MCF bad manners ww LHFScriptanaCOND LHFConclave

Cody (Completed)

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Cody:I Need a Flyer and mixtape cover design for upcoming projects... How Much Are Each One ?????? Noyse:For front and back I charge $350. For front only it's $200. But I stopped taking on any projects right now. J...

Fasheek Watson Animated Cover

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You guys can email her at

Fresh Heir 2

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Kelieoso (Completed)

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Kelieoso is one of my good clients. He has a budget of $75 for a cover. Below is the idea he has. You can contact him via email I need a Cover for a single titled 'Dawn' Like dusk to dawn /but ju...

Land Of Cartels

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Bankgothic Font Download Here

Mind Your Bizness

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Sucker Punch Font Dark Ministry Font Metal Texture Title Design

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